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Open-Stream is a low latency open-source streaming client, based on open source technologies such as Moonlight and Sunshine Game Stream Host. It is an Open Source project which started their SDLC phase in early 2020. After months of development, we at open-stream are extremely excited to announce that the first alpha build is now ready to be released, and can be downloaded from our homepage at ‘’. The Open Stream software has been developed to work with both software and hardware encoding, which can utilize any type of hardware that you may have at your disposal.
The Alpha build is the first of many expected releases in the coming months and years, which will help the software reach our vision of becoming your go-to open-source streaming client, where you can just download and install the software, and with a few clicks, you’d be ready to go. This alpha build is nowhere near completed and our journey has just begun. Currently, the key features of this first alpha build are listed below:
• Simplified Interface: The Interface is simple and easy to install, as demonstrated by the fantastic video posted on GameTechPlanet’s YouTube channel. You can also find this video on our homepage.
• Software Encoding: One of the main objectives of Open-Stream, is to develop a client that can be used on any capable computer or gaming rig, regardless of the hardware that you may use. Software encoding is a big priority for Open-Stream, as there is currently a lack of open-source software that can utilize this feature, such as for AMD’s current and future line up of hardware.


Sunhine Fork

Open Stream is currently a Sunshine fork but has been developed further to provide a more efficient streaming experience, whether it is for general use/gaming or content creation. In the future, we are hoping to be able to add key features that are necessary requirements such as ‘End to End Encryption’ for both the client and host software, USB Passthrough support, and resolution support of up to 4K (Dependant on Local/Cloud Hardware). These features will be developed and implemented in due course, and we at Open-stream believe that the community will play a pivotal role, in whether this project succeeds or fails. Feel free to download open-stream software now, and let us know of your experiences on our dedicated forum at

This is an exciting time for Open-Stream, and we are over the moon to finally be able to share our work. It is our firm belief that we can all work together to create an open-source streaming client that can fulfill all our needs and requirements. Thich can only be achieved if we all work together and contribute to the cause. Thank you for your interest in our project, this is the first step of many, that we believe will ultimately change cloud computing and gaming as we know it.

Written by: Bobby M

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