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What is Open-Stream?

Open-Stream is a low latency open-source streaming client, based on open source technologies such as Moonlight and Sunshine Game Stream Host. It is an Open Source project which is used for cloud computing, whether it’s for gaming, editing, or windows purposes. Open-Stream is your one-stop-shop application for connecting devices to cloud computing services. It offers up to 4K resolution at up to 120 frames-per-second streaming. The software will be easily customizable, and ready to connect when needed. Just download, install, and with a few clicks you’re ready to go.

What makes Open-Stream Different from all other game streaming software? Open-stream is simple to use, with its one-click host software install and an easy to use client end program. When combined, Open-Stream provides Low Latency Screen sharing with frame rates up to 120fps at 4K resolution with End to End User Encryption. The Host Software provides native NVIDIA and AMD encoding support with H.265, H.264 and VP9 support and will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. Open Stream will also work on Android and apple devices further enhancing user experience and possibilities.

Open-Stream is wholly an Open source project and program which means that it can be used on any cloud streaming platform, or to even access your local machine from any supported device with internet capabilities. The possibilities are endless with features being improved regularly and new features being implemented to cater to your needs. There is no cost to use this program and there are no restrictions on modifications, so you can truly customize your experience or benefit from enhancements developed by the community.

Open-Stream is also a consumer-orientated project, with 24/7 support and is designed to have a 99% reliability rate, based upon a robust and reliable programming language and open-source programs such as Moonlight which was developed in 2014 and is the most popular open-source game streaming client in use today. With the already available open-source foundation such as Moonlight, Open-Stream has the basis to push on and create a streaming client that can be used on any capable rig, including not only NVIDIA but also AMD hardware. With the use of just Open-Stream host software and client software, consumers and organizations alike would be able to fully utilize cloud computing capabilities. Open-Stream is a project that will improve consistently with input from the community and developers, in order to create a streaming client that can fulfill all the current cloud computing and gaming needs.

Why not download Open-Stream and Experience the future of game streaming?

With the open-source foundation, no cost, easy install, and a plethora of benefits, it’s a no brainier. We look forward to any feedback and community enhancements. Let’s all work together in creating a streaming client with full features and no restrictions that we can be proud of, and change cloud computing as we know it.

Written by: Bobby M

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